Training & asessments

As an approved assessment centre we are able to offer training and assessment programmes in all areas from Commercial and Domestic Natural Gas Safety Training Courses to LPG conversion and installation training courses. See a list of our most popular coarses below. If you can't find a coarse you are looking for then please contact us and we will be pleased to help

Domestic Natural Gas

BGU - Basic Gas Utilisation (Domestic) Course

CCN1 - Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety

CENWAT - Domestic Gas Central Heating/Domestic Instantaneous Water Heater

CKR1 - Domestic Gas Cookers

HTR1 - Domestic Gas Fires and Wall Heaters

DAH1 - Ducted warm air heaters

LAU1 - Tumble Driers

CPA1 - Combustion Analysis & Performance

CMDDA-1 - Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide in Domestic Dwellings

Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating

Liquified Petroleum Gas

CoNGLP1 - Natural Gas to LPG Changeover

CCLP/Boats - Core LPG with Boats (& one element i.e. cookers)

PD - Permanent Dwellings

RPH - Residential Park Homes

LAV - Leisure Vehicles

B - Boats

REFLP2 - Caravan Gas Refrigerators

HTRLP2 - Fire & Wall Heaters

VESLP1 & 2 - Vessel Pipework

EFJLP1 - Electrofusion Welding

CMCLP1 LPG to Mobile Catering Safety

Commercial Natural Gas

COCN1 - Core Commercial Natural Gas Safety

CoDNCO1 - Changeover Domestic Natural Gas to Commercial Natural Gas

CORT1 - Overhead Radiant Tube/Radiant Plaque Heaters

CIGA1 - Commercial Indirect Fired Heating Appliances and Equipment

CDGA1 - Commercial Direct Fired Heating Appliances and Equipment

TPCP1 - Tightness testing and purging of installation pipework exceeding 1m3 in volume, up to 16 bar operating pressure (natural gas) and 2 bar operating pressure for LPG

TPCP1A - Tightness testing and purging of installation pipework not exceeding 1m3 in volume, 40 mbar pressure and 150mm diameter natural gas only

ICPN1 - Installation of Commercial Pipework

ICAE1 - First Fix of Commercial Appliances/Equipment

CMET1 - LP Diaphram & RPD Meters

BMP1 - Boosters - Commercial Boosters

CCLNG1 - Commercial Laundry Gas Safety

CLE1 - Commercial Laundry Equipment Appliance

CCCN1 - Core Commercial Catering Gas Safety

CoDC1 - Changeover Core Gas Safety from Domestic to Commercial Catering

COMCAT 1 - Boiling Burners (Ranges, Ovens)

COMCAT 2 - Water Boilers (Pressure or Expansion Type, Pressure Steamers)

COMCAT 3 - Fryers & Grills

COMCAT 5 - Install, Service & Repair of Forced Draught Catering Equipment


OFT 50 - Pre-requisite to oftec oil course

OFT 101 - Domestic/Light Commercial Oil Firing Commissioning & Servicing Pressure Jet appliances

OFT 105 E - Domestic/Light Commercial Oil Firing System Installation

OFT 600 A - Domestic/Light Commercial Oil Storage Tank Installation


UDHWSS - Unvented Domestic Hot Water Storage Systems   

Water Regulations BPEC/WRAS Water Regulations

Legionella Prevention & Water Treatment